Joseph E. Shrock, Enrolled Agent
Professional Bookkeeper and Advanced Certified QuickBooks® Proadvisor in Dunville, KY
Phone: 606-787-1234, Fax: 888-432-9855 • 4698 Dunnville Rd, Dunnville, KY 42528
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My Fax

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MyFax® is the efax (fax to email & email to fax service) solution I use to receive the majority of my faxes and it has worked better for me then any of the other efax services that I have used in the past including Ring Central© :   Now why is it better?

•1 You can send fax documents straight from your email on any device (including smart phones ) with or with out attachments and the body of the email also faxes as a cover sheet (a lot of other efax solutions do not do fax the content in the body of the email)

•2 They even have an app for the Blackberry and IPhone so you can see what faxes came in and also send via that app. They also have html code that I can put on my website for people to fax me directly and MyFax also has "print to fax software" that links with your account so you can fax straight from your computer or laptop with an internet connection anywhere..very nice!

•3 You can set up to 5 email address to send from, you can also be notified via a text message if a fax came in,  they will come in as attachments to your email as either a tiff or pdf and you can have it forwarded to another email address as well.

Finally •4 It is very cost effective, I pay less for this service then I would for some of the other efax services out there so it is very cost effective for me to use:
Here is a working example of the button that you can put on your website for clients to sent faxes over:
Here is an example of the print to fax application for windows:
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