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Sugar Sync Review


  I use a sync/backup service called SugarSync© that backs up my
selected files on a remote server and then merges them with a selected folder on
my laptop (and visa versa from laptop to desktop)
  For example when I am away from the office and have my laptop in use at a client location with a QBW file open. I can edit, update and do their bookkeeping and then when I close the file it immediately updates to the server and replaces that clients file with the old one in the my docs folder on my desktop at the office. So when I get home and open that QBW file it has already changed and updated to the latest version (this may not be quite so practical for larger files over 25MB’s? it still would work but would have a little more download time depending on your connection speed.) Also I never want to open the same file at the same time from both machines or it saves 2 copies and that can get a bit confusing and I also want to make sure the changed files have updated from the laptop and downloaded to the desktop before opening them and continuing working and you can easily see this from the icon in the system tray.

   Another thing that is real neat is that SugarSync also has a Smartphone app and
this allows me to access all my files that are in sync via my Smartphone and email
those docs or files anywhere or pull them up for viewing.
   The first 2 GB 's is free for new users and I would highly recommend this for busy freelance professionals that do not want to thumb drive everything or go the
expensive route of cloud computing just yet.

   So try SugarSync today and save yourself the frustration of always having to
having to carry that thumb drive or trying to continually move files from one
computer to another.

Joseph E Shrock, PB
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